Project Description

The Location:
Brisbane CBD

The Task:

RTA was on the brink of a major organisational change – implementing a new operating system, restructuring the organisation and becoming much more customer focussed.
Synergy was tasked to co develop and co deliver a program aimed at 3 outcomes across 200 staff:

  • To provide up to date information on changes to date and changes to come.
  • To develop both personal and organisational resilience in the face of change.To enthuse and inspire employees to “think people” in their dealings with clients and with each other.

Particular Challenges:

  • Programs could only be onsite and ½ day duration inside working hoursStaff had high levels of anxiety and anticipation
  • Staff had high levels of anxiety and anticipation

What We Did:

  • Made the program fast paced, experiential, colourful and interactive.
  • Deployed one of our most experienced facilitators to deliver.
  • Involved senior staff members in delivery.
  • Ran 12 programs for about 18 people per program over a 3 week period.

The Result/s:

  • High levels of positive feedback (90%+) from participants’ post program evaluation.
  • Observable improvements in customer service.
  • Reportedly increased personal resilience across workforce.


“Working with Synergy was fantastic. Our facilitator bought enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence from the get go and this continued over our lengthy relationship. His generosity of spirit lent reassurance to all participants and I am grateful that our staff were able to experience Synergy’s practical understanding of transformational change and were inspired to implement suggested strategies as they moved forward.”

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