You bet! In fact helping clients to view the challenges they face as an adventure has never been more relevant. Neither has helping them to take action and then learn, quickly and effectively the lessons that can only be learned in experience.

How does the outdoor adventure component fit in? Sometimes stepping away from familiar content where and into an abstract, engaging and parallel world is what is needed for transformational change and growth. It enables people to play safely with new mindsets and behaviours away from the real work for which they are paid. Outdoor Adventure Based Learning works…if it is well designed, facilitated and supported post initiative.

Experiential learning is the fundamental method of human learning. What is missing for many people and teams is not the stream of experiences. They are coming thick and fast. It is the habit of reflection, identifying learning and embedding this new learning.


Sustainable High Performance Only Occurs...

when people are able to learn quickly and effectively from their performance experiences.