Team Development

Bottomline… Sustainable High Performance is only achieved when individuals connect and combine to form high performing teams.

The ability to form high quality teams fast is now a prerequisite for survival.
Teams are the dynamic, ever changing cells that operationalise your strategies and plans.
Teams need to be maintained and renewed

Teams are where it gets REAL!

Team Development Services

We work with you to customise services that delivery REAL RESULTS in the following areas.

  • Team Project Team Formation and through-life Support
  • Team Scorecard Development
  • Team Effectiveness Surveys and Assessments / Team Diagnostics
  • Team Performance Reviews / Off-site Sessions
  • Dealing with Breakdowns in Team Performance
  • Action Learning Project Support
  • Team Member Coaching

Team Development Programs

Synergy has years of specialist experience in customizing Team Development Programs and Workshops that really work.

Foundations for Teaming
Helping People to develop the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes that deliver “portable teaming” – the capacity to become immediately useful in any teaming situation. Personal and Organisational resilience is built on “the practice, refinement, and maintenance of core critical skills” ……this program does just that!
Understanding Team Role Preferences/Valuing Diversity
Introducing people to some of the “science” around diversity, an understanding of how and why people’s responses and behaviours differ and a recognition of how diversity, well used, can be a huge strength in a team or community. We use a variety of recognised and reputable tools and instruments to raise awareness of personal style and team role preferences.
High Performance Teams
This program is for specific project or work teams. A variety of diagnostic and feedback processes (including 360 degree feedback) are used to help teams define where they sit on the High Performance Scale. A customised workshop and coaching program is then developed to enable Effective Team Formation and/or a Sustainable Step Up in performance.
Team Maintenance / Team Sharp-shot Sessions
These programs are best described as “Team tuneups” – relatively short and challenging the aim is to alert teams to where they are strong and vibrant as well as to expose where they may be becoming complacent or may have dropped the balL. Then to assist them in getting “back on track”. They are not remedial and will not address major dysfunction, but may well provide teams with an opportunity to adjust on the run. Naturally they allow great teams to demonstrate and celebrate their greatness.
Innovative Teams
Stability and reliability will always be admirable traits in a team but they will not be enough as we enter a new era. Sustainable High Performance necessitates the ability to challenge the boundaries, to “think outside the box” and to create something that has not existed before. This program is a hands on adventure into the world of “what might be possible”. Creativity and innovation are encouraged, fostered and practiced by resilient organisations – no question!