Our 6C Model sets the context for our approach to building Sustainable High Performance.

  • Organisations that are able to identify opportunities to build the 6Cs and then act with clarity of purpose, clear intention and sharply focussed energy will become and remain resilient.
  • Organisations that can create new conversations that in turn create breakthroughs in thinking, behaviour, and habit will come up with powerful offers in their market.
  • Organisations that are able to deal with the inevitable breakdowns that occur in the 6Cs will be adaptive and able to respond rather react to disruptive forces of change.


The ability to create breakthroughs and deal with breakdowns is the new prerequisite skill for leaders and leadership teams. Breakthroughs need to happen and breakdowns will happen….more and more often, and with less predictability. So, we need to get very good at creating and dealing with them at a personal, team and organisational level….in fact at a whole of community level. As we move into a new era the great organisations will the ones that become exceptional in terms of their ability to create new conversations.