The Core Team

“The Heart and Soul of Synergy”

We are committed to building our service teams to fit the unique character of the challenge.

In total Synergy has a dedicated pool of approximately 20 consultants, facilitators and program support specialists. Our people have a diverse range of capabilities and our shared vision and values unite us.

Our people continually team and re-team with other Synergy players, other consultants and in-house HR and training specialists to provide a service that is designed to meet the needs of your organisation and its people.

Cameron Wyatt
Cameron WyattDirector
Cameron is a highly experienced Facilitator and Leadership Coach with more than 20 years of experience. He has designed and delivered hundreds of customised programs and development initiatives for clients at all levels of the corporate and business sector. His passion is building Sustainable High Performance in people, teams and organisations.

About Cameron
“I love seeing performance boundaries broken. The moments when people realise what is possible and when that possibility comes into reality are pure gold! Building resilience is right at the core of my work and from my perspective resilience is much more than the capacity to pick oneself up, dust oneself off and keep going. It is a mindset and set of habits that also enable people to experience fewer disruptive breakdowns and less trauma. These mindsets and habits are now a prerequisite for healthy living and a happy productive meaningful life. The real work of a leader (at work, in the family setting or, in the community) is to continually develop these adaptive capabilities in themselves and others.”
Relevant Qualificiations

Cameron is passionate and continuously developing his own capability as a leader. The ability to new conversations for performance is his unique talent.

  • LSI – Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory
  • Ontological Coaching
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator / Belbin
  • Team Management Profile / and associated tools
  • Birkman
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 6 Sigma / Lean
  • Diploma Ed
  • Graduate Diploma Education
  • Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching (2011 – current)

Andrew Murray
Andrew MurrayDirector
Andrew is a skilled service designer, facilitator and coach. His clients include many high profile Corporate / Government and Private Sector organisations, many of whom have been engaging his professional support for many years. Andrew is unique, authentic and highly!

About Andrew
“Adventure matters! Life is increasingly less predictable, and as a result, more of an adventure. My passion and professional commitment is to help people become adventures and explorers who seek out the new territories in relationships and performance. My work as a Facilitator and Coach is underpinned by a desire to guide people in this adventure. My purpose is to unlock the potential within people, relationships, teams, organisations and communities. It is what I love doing…and what I do well.”

Relevant Qualificiations
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Avid Reader and Researcher
  • Diploma Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma Education
  • Cert 4 TAE

Kim Lincolne
Kim LincolneFacilitator/Coach
Kim is a dynamo of inspiration as a Facilitator and Coach. She also has first-hand experience in building a highly successful business. These two factors, combined with her extensive and diverse experience as Facilitator and Coach make her highly effective as a “supportive change agent”

About Kim
“I love the energy in people and relationships when they are “at their spectacular best”! When people realise just how much energy and power they have when their thinking is tuned and focussed, when trust flourishes and when their health is given priority, the possibilities for them and those around them are endless. There is simply nothing better than seeing people realise what is possible.”

Relevant Qualificiations
Kim is deeply committed to sustainable living and is passionate about people, performance and the world we live in. She has a very strong background in Safety Leadership / Safety Behaviour.

  • Masters in Neuroscience of Leadership, Neuro leadership Institute
  • Diploma in Professional Counselling
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) – 2011
  • Deans Commendation Award, Faculty of Science, USQ 2011
  • Dip Couns AIPC, 2003

Tony Carew
Tony CarewFacilitator/Coach
Tony is an experienced Ontological Practitioner with more than 18 years’ experience developing leaders and teams in the public and private sectors.
As a qualified Ontological Practitioner, he brings value to clients by applying ontological distinctions and practices to get people relating, working, collaborating and coordinating together to meet customer’s expectations and delivery standards. He works with executives, senior leaders and project teams in complex and diverse organisational environments enhancing their leadership capacity to engage individuals and teams to deliver on key commitments.

About Tony
When new conversations occur, within and between people, new behaviours appear, these behaviours become new habits, the Habits of Sustainable High Performance, when they are embedded in both the psychology and biology of a person. It is the creation of these new conversations and new habits that motivates me as a facilitator and coach.

Relevant Qualificiations

Tony is sincere, highly credible and authentic. He has a wonderful capacity to both support and challenge people to be their best.

  • Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching
  • Advanced Ontological Practitioner Programs
  • Associate Diploma Theatre Arts (Improvisation)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Lyn Traill
Lyn TraillFacilitator/Coach
Lyn is an amazing leader in her own right. As well as being a highly competent Facilitator and Coach with years of experience she is a published author. Her work is informed by her passion. Her passion is to see people bloom. She has very strong background as an ontological coach and has used LSi and the associated Leadership development tools for many years as part of her coaching work. Lyn brings, experience, courage and a playfulness to the development process.

About Lyn
“I just love people. Most of us can do and achieve far more than we realise. When we see the potential in us that others quite often see the world opens up in a whole new way. The past is something we learn from, the future should inspire and motivate us but what matters most is NOW…..The THINKING I adopt and the ACTIONS that result!”

Relevant Qualificiations

Lyn is an artist. Leadership is largely an art-form. That is what makes her so good at what she does.

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Cert IV In Assessment & Workplace Training
  • Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching
  • Diploma of Special Education

Shaun McAneyCustomer Service Coordinator
Shaun lives and breathes customer service. For the team of Facilitators and Coaches at Synergy he provides unequalled support in the design development and production of first class resources. He treats us as his customer. Our busy team is kept in touch with clients and client needs by Shaun.

About Shaun
Customers are made to feel special by every member of the Synergy team and Shaun sets the pace. His organisational skills result in good communication, effective coordination and smooth logistics. His role is critical… and he is exceptional in this role.
Shaun is a quiet achiever and is himself a leader and coach playing an important role in his local Soccer Club and Community. His quiet and unassuming demeanor seems to entirely evaporate when he pulls on his jersey and boots!