Project Description

The Location:
Various remote oil and gas exploration locations in the Western Provinces of PNG

The Task:

  • Reinforce Talisman’s Safety Culture across the workforce and secure greater commitment and understanding
  • Support safety leadership across the organisation and build leadership capacity
  • Build strong team spirit and esprit de corps within the workforce

Particular Challenges:

  • Isolated locations with limited facilities
  • Language differences – many participants had English as a third language, while others were expat English speakers
  • Disruptions to plan caused by weather and operational requirements

What We Did:

  • Carefully planned active experiential processes with a message: simple messages aligned with Talisman’s documentation.
  • Integrated these into the program.
  • Worked out itineraries and numbers.
  • Dealt with numerous changes and disruptions “on the run”.
  • Delivered programs in whatever facilities each site afforded.
  • Worked with a total of around 120 people, both direct Talisman employees and contractors.

The Result/s:

  • Enthusiastic participation from both Nationals and expats.
  • Reported increased understanding and commitment to Operational Excellence and Target Zero across workforce.
  • Increased confidence in safety leadership and leadership generally.
  • Stronger sense of “team” within the workforce


“The team from Synergy who have assisted and supported our journey of reengaging our workforce to connect with their individual reasons for choosing to stay safe, and for choosing to look after their team mates have been instrumental in breaking down barriers between Senior Management, Line Management, Contractors and Workers.
The sessions facilitated by the Synergy team demonstrated in real time what can be achieved when we put behind, rank, age, ethnicity, and organizational allegiance and all focus on what’s important now to get the result that’s common to all of us, going home without being harmed.”

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