Leadership  Development

There is a distinction between leadership and management; while we recognise the importance of both – we specialise in developing leadership capability. Organisations need real felt leadership, not just from their designated leaders, but from everyone who belongs – they need leadership that is authentic! We will help you develop authentic, adaptive leaders who can work as a leadership team and, who are able to build and maintain relationships, teams and communities that deliver results.

Leadership Development Services

Our experienced facilitators will work with you to co-design and create the critical pieces of the OD jigsaw.

  • Leadership Model Development
  • Leadership Capability Assessments
  • Leadership Alignment Workshops
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching
  • Action Learning Project Support

Leadership Programs

The following workshops and multi-phase programs can be customised to align with your specific needs and existing frameworks.

Foundations for Leadership
Either as a preparation for the first step into a leadership role, or a refresher for people who occupy positions of authority – this program assists individuals to understand “how people tick”, and to recognise and value diversity by expanding their definition of “normal” beyond themselves.
Frontline Leadership
Frontline Leadership is extraordinarily challenging!  This program is designed to expand the frontline leaders “Toolkit” so as to be able to tackle some of the major challenges they face, for example:
  • Building a Team
  • Situational Awareness / Style Adaptability
  • Effective Short Term Planning
  • Effective Task Assignment and Supervision
  • Conversations for Performance
  • Managing Conflict and Motivation
  • Influencing Skills / Managing “up”.


Leading from the Middle
 The levels of Middle Management are the heartland of performance and ….waste. Breakdowns and breakthroughs in the 6C’s typically live in this territory of an organisation. This program focusses on equipping middle managers with the mindset, resilience, knowledge and skills to both lead and team effectively in a modern, every changing organisation. This program aims to assist Middle Managers to stay authentic, in touch, inspired and in balance at work.
Valley of the Leaders
Assisting Executive Leaders to redefine their “path”. This is a process based workshop series, for Executive Leaders and is designed to help them to clarify who and how they wish to be as leaders and what legacy they wish to leave. It is deliberately challenging, and participants can expect to find themselves challenged, confronted and unsure.  Feedback indicates that leaders have found this course useful in reconnecting with their personal values and visions and re-establishing these in their work.