Project Description

The Locations:
Boeing Australia head office –Brisbane. Also operational site at Amberley, Canberra, Williamtown and Oakey.

The Task:

  • Deliver a leadership development program appropriate for an Australian workforce
  • Total Leadership Group: 700 + leaders (including emerging leaders, frontline leaders, middle management, project Leaders, senor and executive Leaders)
  • Reinforce the importance of high quality, effective leadership in parallel with good management
  • Coach individuals in recognizing and addressing their personal leadership challenges and development goals.

Key Project Differentiators/Challenges

  • Alignment of Australian/U.S./Military leadership archetypes and models
  • Mixed U.S./Australian workforce
  • Strong engineering culture / strong technical focus for many leaders

What We Did:

  • Liaised closely with OD / Change Manager
  • Delivered a strong and defensible leadership development program that mapped back to the organisation’s values
  • Participated in active evaluation of the program / Implemented improvement change as identified
  • Carefully interpreted and integrated Parent Company’s model and mapped back to it
  • Ran 70 + programs. Over a 12 month period
  • Each program consisting of 2 x 2 day Modules and 2 x 1:1 Coaching sessions for each participant
  • Coached for specific application / engaged Sponsors in this process where possible>
  • Action Learning methodologies were used as a vehicle for creating change/new behaviour/new results
  • Kept concepts strong and simple>
  • Overtly recognised that leadership and management are complementary and essential – valued management

The Results:

  • Positive feedback post program from majority of participants (>80%)
  • Coaching session identified as critical in the success of the program
  • Significant improvements in organisational “metrics” relating to morale and employee engagement
  • Measurable improvements in leader’s performance, particularly at team level


“The team from Synergy who have assisted and supported our journey of reengaging our workforce to connect with their individual reasons for choosing to stay safe, and for choosing to look after their team mates have been instrumental in breaking down barriers between Senior Management, Line Management, Contractors and Workers.
The sessions facilitated by the Synergy team demonstrated in real time what can be achieved when we put behind, rank, age, ethnicity, and organizational allegiance and all focus on what’s important now to get the result that’s common to all of us, going home without being harmed.”

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