The SYNERGY Approach to Development

Raising Awareness

Performance athletes have an acutely tuned sense of their present reality and what needs to happen. It is no different for organisations and teams seeking High Performance! Working with you, we define the current reality and work out what needs to be centrally in focus to achieve the change and results you need. Using observation, interview, survey, feedback and team challenge processes we can help establish clear, relevant and often measurable outcomes. The outcome… low levels of denial and delusion… high levels of learner motivation and change-readiness.

Planning Action

It is here that we decide together on just how to move forward, closing the critical gaps.

Having a clear plan in place is reassuring for all parties. Knowing where the process is going and why it is going there allows our facilitators and coaches to plan well in the first place and then to adjust on the run to ensure that everything we do is aimed at meeting the specific needs of the organisation, team or individual.
Naturally, we want participants to emerge from development initiatives with simple actionable plans that they own!!

Making the Shift

Armed with real information, a realistic and owned plan, we move forward with you, consistently “on the mark”.

Every change initiative, program, workshop and coaching session is customised with your needs and your unique culture in mind. It is here that our 20 years of practical experience and unique resource base sets us apart as we help your people and teams “make the shift” they need to make.

Sustaining High Performance

New Habits take time to develop!

The ability to actively support the development of new habits is a core characteristic of a Sustainable High Performance Culture. It is also a critical step in achieving that culture.
Synergy will coach and support your leaders and teams, in the workplace, to ensure new habits and culture evolve delivering a solid return on Investment.